testing community

RHIPFactroy Testing Community (RFTC)

At Rhipfactory, each of our product undergoes various stages of testing; one of such is
beta-testing, a type of user acceptance test, which allows a sample of the intended
end-users to experience a product before it is officially launched into the market. 

We invite you to join our beta-testing community and get a chance to test exciting new
healthcare products, technologies, and services from our factory.

Becoming a part of our community enables you to influence the products and services being designed to redefine healthcare in Africa, and across the globe.

As a member of our beta-testing community, you will

  • Be early adopters for all our products and services,
  •  Get Six (6) months free access to test-product or service, and
  • Have an opportunity to build a network across our community of seasoned
    entrepreneurs and innovators.

Your feedback and contributions will help in further validating our products for
functionality, usability, reliability, and compatibility before launching to the general
public. This enables us to develop healthcare products that our end users can better
interact with and experience.