The Redbridge Healthcare Entrepreneurship Development Program (RHED) is a capacity building initiative of the Redbridge Healthcare Group. It is designed to develop the entrepreneurial abilities of young individuals, principally for the African healthcare industry.

In the Redbridge Healthcare Group, we Learn by Doing and teach that entrepreneurship is a skill built by repetition.

Through the RHED Program, we hope to attract and develop healthcare entrepreneurs who will establish and scale businesses with potential to solve the healthcare problems faced by millions of households in Africa.


RHED Program is specifically for passionate young Africans with interest in solving healthcare problems for Africa. Minimum qualification is a Diploma Certificate. No previous work experience is required.
There MUST be obvious enthusiasm to learn, grow, and stretch. Strong work ethics and interpersonal skills are non-negotiable. It is a boot camp experience that requires reasonable mental aptitude and resilience.


Participants on the RHED Program are called Interns.
The participation fees are:
$1,500 – 3 Month Program
$2,500 – 6 Month Program
$4,000 – 12 Month Program

Interns can be self-funded, sponsored, or scholarship awardees. Full payment is required prior to the commencement of the program, except for scholarship awardees.
The RHED Program actively encourages female entrepreneurship in healthcare and offers a 5 – 10% discount on participation fees to females.


The program is designed to run for:
• 3 Months
• 6 Months
• 12 Months

RHED Program


Interns joining the RHED Program can follow any of 4 pathways:



Digital Marketing


All Interns will however gain a prior in-depth understanding of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and innovation.


  • Availability: Minimum participation is 3 Months
  • Language Skills Required: English.
  • Good oral and written communication skills is mandatory.
  • Qualification: Minimum qualification accepted is a Post-SSCE Diploma Certificate.
  • Experience Required: No previous work experience is necessary.
  • Desired Skills/Traits: Passionate, Innovative, and an attitude of Excellence (e.g. attention to detail,
    strong work ethics, etc.)
  • Interest in Healthcare: Is a baseline requirement.