We are the first Healthcare Startup Studio in Africa

Our Mission: to create products and build them into businesses that are solving healthcare problems for 100 million families by 2030.

We Build Ideas

RHIPFactory, a member of the Redbridge Healthcare Group, is a Healthcare StartUp Studio founded in Nigeria.
We are a community of healthcare entrepreneurs, designers, developers, digital marketers, advisors, mentors, strategic partners and investors, all working to provide innovative solutions to problems facing the healthcare system in Africa.
Here ideas are turned into viable products and then scalable businesses through a unique in-house process.
RHIPFactory builds healthcare companies from scratch, leveraging extant and disruptive technologies.

We are the first StartUp Studio team in the world composed of 75% female entrepreneurs.

How we do it

Our strategic production process starts with internally-generated ideas, aimed at creating quality, effective and accessible health solutions for developing and emerging countries across the world.

Think Centre

Imagine it. We brainstorm ideas, and create solutions tailored at bringing substantive change to the society.


Run experiments. We research these ideas to confirm the target users and the actual market need of what we have imagined.


Create a foretaste. We build and validate prototypes, based on target user feedback.


Simplify it. We refine validated ideas, and build them into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)


Complete the masterpiece. We integrate all the business and operational components that transform our MVPs to marketable solutions.

Launch Pad

Tell everybody. Our Product is launched through various means for everyone to enjoy.


Each portfolio company of RHIPFactory has its own special story from conception to commercialization. The process of formation is mostly internal, and intimate.

Beta Version Launched
Beta Version Launched
Beta Version Launched
Pre-Beta Phase
Beta Version Launched
Pre-Beta Phase
Pre-Beta Phase
Pre-Beta Phase
Pre-Beta Phase

Join our team

RHIPFactory is a highly creative and opportunity-laden environment. We seek passionate individuals, and organizations who desire to change healthcare in Africa through digital disruption.